About AxiQS

Axiqs is currently under the working name Svensk SpecialFröProduktion, SSFP. SSFP is an innovation project with the aim of creating a functioning value chain for specialfröodling in Sweden, from sowing to sale with 100% export to the leading seed producers in the world. The project will offer Swedish agricultural companies new cultivation opportunities and at the same time contribute to improving their profitability.

The production conditions for specialfröodling are long day and short night, isolationsavstånd, virgin soils and knowledgeable growers. All this is in Sweden, while Swedish farmers are looking for new profitable crops.

The project, funded in part with EU funding from the European Innovation Partnership under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, is a collaboration between Agortus AB, the author and project owner, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Agricultural Society Halland and Elitutsäde in Värmö.