Welcome to a world of opportunities!

Welcome to a world of opportunities.
A world of ”seeds of love” and a world of contract seed multiplication.

We can help you with seed production, offering you unique opportunities under long day and short night conditions. Offering you, and your crops, fields well separated by forests and lakes and hence; very good isolation distances. Virgin soils and experienced farmers with good infrastructure.

Some acreages being rain fed while some acreages with irrigation, securing a higher stability and a better return. Some acreages being conventional production, while others being certified organic.

Offering you “information at your fingertips” through our AQN network, where you in real-time can find updated information on your unique multiplication.

Offering you quality control from a local laboratory being ISTA and OECD certified and fully equipped with well trained staffing.

Welcome getting in touch with us for a fruitful discussion.